Project Description

Washtenaw County – Western Service Center

A3C was tasked with designing the new West Service Center to house County planning, building, and environmental services staff who were jammed into a downtown space with difficult access and limited parking. A key goal for the design was to encourage cross-department cooperation and teamwork, and the Water Resources Commissioner also wanted to use the project to demonstrate new sustainability and stormwater management best practices. In addition to department representatives, A3C worked with a County team including environmental site and building consultants to develop the new design.

The final result incorporates many sustainable features including “level spreaders,” which help reduce stormwater runoff. To make the best use of the sloped lot, an open courtyard provides outside access and daylight to the lower level. Future area for expansion is also included in the building siting and design.

Regarding the interior design of the project, A3C selected environmentally friendly recycled or recyclable finish materials that improve the indoor air quality through the elimination of harmful adhesives and compounds and still fit the constraints of a public budget. We performed existing furniture inventories and completed space planning to assure maximum re-use of resources, coordinating the building’s color palette with the County’s furniture standards while brightening and differentiating the departments. We also cooperated with the County’s vendor to turn over furniture specification, but prepared packages for County issue to procure window treatments, high-density filing systems, carpet, and signs.

Size: 42,000 sq ft

Cost: $5.1M