Project Description

Doghouse Daycare and Boarding

Doghouse is a 10,000 sq ft daycare, boarding, and training facility for dogs. Fifty spacious suites enjoy communal stretching yards easily accessed through doggie doors, which can be closed with a security feature if necessary. There are also 2 extra-large outdoor fenced yards and 2 bone shaped, indoor play areas. Rooms are grouped into a quad by temperament or family.

All suites have been designed with dogs’ native needs in mind. Natural sunlight comes through individual windows, and in-room drinking fountains promote proper hydration. For curious parents who want to see what their dogs are up to, webcam access is available in several of the larger suites.

Materials were selected based on cost, maintenance, aesthetics, and sustainability. The facility is heated and cooled with a geo-exchange system, one of the most efficient systems available.

Size: 10,000 sq ft

Year: 2009