On November 2, 2018, the A3C staff took time out of the office to take a deeper look at our company today and what goals we are working toward in the near future. It was a session filled with input, opinions and lots of brainstorming. All of the staff members are eager to implement new methodologies and practices to help us all achieve more.

As part of A3C’s commitment to sustainability, we decided to implement Zero Waste practices into our company meetings. A3C utilizes many of these practices daily in our office and attempted to implement them more publicly at our Anniversary Party. We were not as successful as we had hoped at that event, but did not give up our efforts. We are happy to report that the Strategic Planning Meeting resulted in a 92% diversion rate. We utilized Panera Catering, which does not allow for 100% diversion due to the chip packaging and a partially cellophane wrapper on the cookie.

We are excited about the results of our planning session and the future of A3C! Stay tuned to hear about more A3C’s Zero Waste events in 2019!

If you are in Washtenaw County and are interested in learning more about planning and hosting a Zero Waste Event, check out ZeroWaste Washtenaw.