A3C finished their 2018 volunteering with a splash!

Our fourth and final volunteer event for 2018 took place on October 29th with North Star Reach. We contacted Jeffrey Boots, Facility Maintenance Director, and asked what needs the camp had that our small group could assist with. Jeffrey mentioned a couple different projects, but as we got closer to our  date, he honed in on the need for the large dock to be removed from the water. This was a task he knew would be made light with many hands.

Jan Culbertson, Senior Principal, who attended the event, had this to say about it:

We took in the docks at the waterfront and put the “War Canoes” to bed for the season. (It is a) great dock system, you remove the decking, disconnect the sections and (the frame) is on wheels, so an ATV with a winch can pull the sections out of the water. (We) worked with Jeff and Jesse from NSR–along with their ATV and tractor! Only one wrench got wet (it fell in the water)!

Jeffrey Boots was kind enough to share his insight, as well:

We had a group of volunteers from the A3C – Collaborative Architecture group come to camp as volunteers to assist with one of our most challenging projects: removing the lake dock. The crew was extremely helpful in assisting us to remove the floor panels (using wrenches and man/woman power), loading them each into a storage bin, and finally strapping and pulling the different sections of the dock to shore. The weather was a bit more cooperative than usual but still very cold for them to be out on the lake. Along with that, they assisted us in moving our war canoes into storage. We appreciate the group who came to camp and faced the weather with smiles and hard work. 

North Star Reach is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization located on 105 acres in Pinckney, Michigan. As a Full Member Camp of SeriousFun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman, North Star Reach serves children with chronic and life-threatening health challenges across the Great Lakes Region, free of charge. North Star Reach operates year round and includes a health center, dining hall, cabins to house campers and staff, arts and crafts center, two swimming pools, nature trails, athletic court, sports field, an accessible tree house, archery range, amphitheater and waterfront docks, all designed to fit in a rustic camp environment. Camp can accommodate approximately 1,500 children and family members annually.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity in Ann Arbor, we recommend checking out North Star Reach!

⋅As part of our year long 35th Anniversary celebrations, the A3C staff voted to

give back to the community, through volunteer events,

to show gratitude for the support Ann Arbor has given to our business.