We love Ann Arbor – and we show it! An employee from the YMCA called to request someone from our firm as a representative of architects during Career Week for a special group of campers. Our very own, Lissa Spitz, volunteered to speak to the group on August 2nd. What a treat!

Lissa brought product samples for the kids to touch and feel and many notified their peers and camp counselors as to what their own counter tops look like and what grout color they would choose. This sensory portion of the event allowed for the group to have a deeper understanding of the many levels of architecture and was enjoyed by all the kids.

Lissa also took time to speak to the group about an aspect of architecture important to her: Sustainable Building. She talked about site planning and how the direction of the building on the land plot makes a big difference in how light and air flow will affect the overall structure. The group asked many questions and Lissa’s energy and love for her work was evident during the session.

If you have a group who would benefit from one of our architects coming to speak, please contact us at [email protected].