A3C turned 35 on August 13, 2018! We are humbled and honored by our clients, consultants and friends who have helped us reach this milestone!

We asked our three Senior Principals to provide a short narrative about this milestone in their own words:

I remember many years ago reading about a local architect retiring after being President of the firm for its entire 35 plus years and thinking, wow, now that’s a goal to shoot for. Now here we are and it seems like just a blimp in time, but we have been so blessed by all of our clients who have trusted A3C with their projects. The best part is that those clients have turned into wonderful lifelong friends.

As I walk thru town, there is hardly a downtown street or section of town where we haven’t been involved in some project there. The range of work has been fabulous from AAPS Huron High School’s Natatorium to North Star Reach serving children with serious health issues but at our core we have always focused on our health care and university work and been rewarded with lots of projects over those 35 years. Many thanks to clients, staff and family for helping with our success.

Daniel Jacobs, Founding Partner, Senior Principal

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

For me, architecture has always been about making a difference.  The celebration of our 35th anniversary is a perfect time to reflect on what has made A3C such a rewarding adventure. That answer is very simple — the people.  Collaborating with clients, staff, consultants and contractors is a dialogue about change for the better and how we can think beyond the door knob, so what we create truly benefits the community as a whole.

Jan Culbertson, Senior Principal

In my 30 years at A3C, I have been very fortunate to be able to work with many, many great people, whether they are clients, consultants or colleagues. My relationships with my co-workers have been lasting and based upon mutual respect. I have also taken great satisfaction in seeing A3C be the ‘go to’ firm for many of our clients. Particularly when they look to A3C for assistance in addressing challenges that are beyond the typical design, management and delivery of their projects. Many of my client contacts at A3C have also become close personal friends, outside the realm of ‘work’. It is my hope that these friendships will continue after my tenure at A3C is complete.

Brian Winkler, Senior Principal