In June 2018, A3C hosted Sungbin, an 11th grade student intern from the Rudolph Steiner School of Ann Arbor. As part of the school’s 11th grade curriculum, the students spend their last 2 weeks of school as an intern with a local business, allowing for a hands-on experience in an area of interest. Sungbin expressed an interest in green/sustainable architecture, thus A3C was the perfect fit!

Jan Culbertson did a phenomenal job providing Sungbin with opportunities to sit with different members of the A3C staff and ask lots of questions, learn what an architect does, and get to tour downtown Ann Arbor to see the many types of architecture and design this great city has to offer. She even provided him with his own design project.

This was a very rewarding experience for all involved. We hope to have this opportunity to work with other students in the future.