Lissa Spitz and A3C Collaborative Architecture are announcing the start of a new chapter.  Lissa has reduced her hours at A3C to pursue a lifelong dream of running an art studio.  The fledgling company is River District Studio, named for Lissa’s Ann Arbor neighborhood. More information can be found at Instagram @RiverDistrictStudio and  She calls her medium constructed watercolor, and has been working in two different styles, geometric and floral. The process consists of watercolor painting sheets of color, then cutting shapes and gluing them in layers to create the designs.  Although this method could be considered collage, the final pieces are quite unique. She is currently working on a series of all 50 state flowers, as well as completing commissions of wedding bouquet pieces and even a pet hedgehog.

Commissions are my favorite work, in a way similar to architectural renovation projects. I’m excited by the challenge of starting with a given set of circumstances and solving the problem within that framework.

Her work has been accepted to two upcoming local shows; the Matthaei Botanical Gardens Spring Artist’s Market on Saturday, May 11, and the Westside Art Hop on Sunday, May 19. In order to offer a variety of pieces and price ranges, Lissa’s unique designs will be available as originals, prints, shirts, and cards.

This change was inspired in part by a former A3C employee, Edmond Bardhi. Edmond completed the arduous process of becoming a registered architect. At the end of that dedicated, intense effort, he slowed down to reflect on whether this was really the career he wanted to pursue, ultimately deciding to explore other paths. As Lissa puts it:

I found that choice very courageous, it was the push that made me realize if I wanted to do this art thing, I’d better get going now because time is limited.

The firm has been completely supportive of the effort, agreeing to a modified schedule for which Lissa is very grateful.

Since I was a little kid, making art is what I’ve always loved the best. A3C is helping me to chase a dream that I’ve had for a long, long time.