A3C – Collaborative Architecture was recently surprised and honored to be presented with the 2020 Huron Valley Award of Excellence. This award is given to companies ‘for encouraging giving, providing opportunities for their employees to learn about United Way, supporting volunteerism and providing sponsorship support.’

A3C has been supporting the United Way of Washtenaw County for over 20 years through participation in the Annual Campaign. The United Way does great work and their programs benefit many of A3C’s neighbors. In 2018, the A3C Leadership Team decided to add an incentive to the campaign, in honor of A3C’s 35th Anniversary, by offering an ice cream sundae party plus an additional corporate donation, for 100% participation. The A3C staff met the challenge and a tradition began. A3C kept the incentive and met the challenge again in 2019.

When we were asked as a company if we could contribute to the COVID-19 Relief Fund, I hesitated reaching out to the staff, as we had all just taken reduced salaries to avoid layoffs during this crazy, unprecedented time. I really wanted to help, but I knew I had to think of a different way!  I realized I could hold a quick online auction of one of my art pieces, with the proceeds going to the relief fund. This would be a win-win for everyone involved. A3C and The United Way could help put the word out and it would be a way for me to market my artwork to a new audience. The auction was launched on short notice and it was a success. I was really happy I was able to raise $400 for the United Way. ~ Lissa Spitz, A3C Principal and owner of River District Studio

A3C – Collaborative Architecture looks forward to continuing our efforts to support the United Way of Washtenaw County and the important work they do for the local community.