This week, at our A3C office, we had our annual United Way Campaign kick-off. We watched a video about the great work United Way does in Washtenaw County and heard a few inspiring stories. One was about Kevin who attended United Way financial workshops in order to set up his pedicab company Boober Tours, and another was about Olga who worked with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program to overcome her fears about filing her taxes and gain the refund she was entitled to. We also played the “smarties game” where we had just one package of smarties candies to allocate towards important budget items like health insurance, food, shelter, and transportation. We recognize that in our community, many people struggle to meet their needs for shelter, food, education, and health services, so that’s why we have our annual campaign. Join us in raising awareness of these issues and giving what we can to make Washtenaw County a thriving community for everyone.