A3C had the privilege of honoring one of our Senior Principals, Brian Winkler. Brian celebrated 30 years at A3C Collaborative Architecture on March 20, 2019.  Dan and Jan hired Brian in 1989 as their business was moving into a focus on healthcare projects. Brian shared this little story with our team as we celebrated:

We wouldn’t be sitting here celebrating my 30th Anniversary if Dan and Jan had reacted differently to a situation that arose when offered a position with A3C. When I was hired, there was a specific healthcare project that the firm had just won and that I was going to be the project manager for. Between the time that I accepted a position with A3C and my starting date, the project had been canceled. Dan and Jan decided to keep me on board anyway. I guess it all worked out.

Dan Jacobs also shared the following:

When Brian joined A3C 30 years ago we knew we had someone who was experienced in health care design but what we didn’t know was how fabulous Brian would be in mentoring young architects. He is patient and encouraging and always seems to bring the best out of our young professionals. Plus his wife Nelia makes great quiches and lasagna for our office get-togethers. We are very fortunate that Brian decided to choose A3C to be his career home.

The next time you see Brian, make sure you offer him a congratulations for 30 years of putting up with Dan service to A3C. We all so appreciate what he brings to the culture and team here.