Project Description

Augusta Township Fire Station

Augusta Township desired a new fire station to consolidate all of its firefighting equipment. They purchased land just north of the center of the village and brought in A3C to design their new station. The station will have four drive thru bays plus a half bay for support vehicles. The building will be a pre-engineered wood structure, allowing for an economical facility without losing design principles. The new staff spaces will include meeting and training space for staff, a watch room, and staff support spaces, such as locker rooms and separate shower rooms to allow flexibility of staffing. The design allows for living spaces to be added in the future.

A key feature of the station is the space to clean and prepare the personal protective equipment (PPE) for each fire fighter. Research shows the importance of removing carcinogens from firefighting equipment to help fighters avoid the risks of their profession. The haz-mat room will provide space for proper cleaning of equipment and a separate toilet facility to allow fire fighters to avoid contaminating the rest of the station upon return from fires. Storage space for PPE is in a separate room with constant ventilation.

Size: 11,700 sq. ft.

Cost: $2.58M