Project Description

Commerce Township Fire Station

Commerce Township Fire Department built three new Fire Stations (#1, #2, #4) in the late 1990’s to provide better service to the rapidly developing Township. The fourth station was not replaced or upgraded at that time. Fire Station #3 will replace this existing fire station in the same location providing much needed improvement for the department with a new and larger facility ready to take on the continuing growth and needs of the area.

The new station is designed with 4 long bays for apparatus and vehicles with associated decontamination, workrooms, storage and fitness spaces.  Separated from the apparatus bay, for the safety of the staff, are the areas consisting of the watch room and offices, dorm rooms, kitchen, dining, day room, separate laundry, toilet and locker rooms.  Private toilet, showers and dorm rooms ensure privacy for a more diverse staff.

The building’s vernacular was designed to remain consistent with the surrounding architecture. Durable and easily cleanable materials are utilized throughout to ensure the station serves its occupants and the community for a long time to come. The station is planned to provide for the safety of the fire fighters with exhaust removal systems, and separation of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ rooms ensuring contaminates to not cross from one side to the other.

Size: 12,460 sq. ft.

Cost: Undetermined

Completion: Anticipated Spring 2021