Project Description

Plymouth Municipal Complex

This project began with a comprehensive review of functional and space needs for all municipal administrative departments, as well as Police and Fire operations. At the time, Township offices were located in four separate, repurposed buildings all of which required significant maintenance. This hodgepodge of spaces made it difficult for staff to provide services and for the community to access them.

Site masterplanning followed and various options were reviewed with a Project Advisory Committee as well as a citizen’s groups at regular intervals. As a result, the recommended option received input from a wide array of interests, and it responded successfully to diverse concerns.

A fast-track schedule was maintained for the production of design and construction documents. The Township Hall design concept features a central, two-story atrium with a “Service Center” where the offices with the greatest public traffic are grouped for convenient public access. The Fire Station includes a 3-bay station with sleeping quarters. The new complex brings all municipal services together in one site location, vacating their previous inadequate and diverse locations. The buildings were also designed to allow for future expansion as needed.

Size: 55,000 sq ft

Cost: $12M

Year: 2006