Project Description

Eastern Michigan University – Best Hall

Best Hall was completed before the start of fall classes in 2013. This project was primarily a remodeling effort to provide a more contemporary image for students of the twenty first century rather than mid-twentieth century. While colors have been freshened up, finishes have also been changed to create a more dynamic living environment. Best Hall is one of four buildings on campus that were all built about the same time in the mid-fifties. The building has a very low floor to ceiling height not allowing the first floor ceiling to be more than 8 feet high. Student centered spaces like the lobby, lounges, and conference room were the focus of major remodeling. Some improvements were done regarding improving life safety issues. A center piece of this project is a 4’ x 10’ Motawi tile mural over the fireplace in the main lounge.

Cost: $1.75M

Year: 2013