Project Description

Greenhills School – Front Entrance and Administration Renovation

The front entrance for Greenhills School was built in 1968 when the school was originally founded. The first phase of the building was about 10,000 sf. Since then, the building has grown to be about 140,000 sf and expanded on all sides. A3C has helped with almost half of that construction. The entry became lost in the growing building and did not provide cover for students arriving or waiting to be picked up.

The new entry was part of a plan to move the business office and front desk to a point where better security could be provided for students and staff. The entry was designed to blend with the original Alden Dow architecture while including many contemporary interior way finding and informational material. In addition, the Head of School elected to move out to be visible to the student body and adjacent to the new/old all school forum.

Cost: $505,000

Year: 2013