Project Description

Bethlehem Lutheran – Open Arms Center

Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the Open Arms Child Development Center is part of an approach by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to open new quality child care facilities as well as plant new churches across the country. This project was the fifth center of this type in the country. The child care center was built first to serve the child care needs of the community, and the large motor skills space is used as a worship area on Sundays.

A Master Plan was developed for the 7.25 acre property to plan for long term growth of the facility. Phase 1 is a day-care for 60 children with a multi-purpose space that can seat 200 people. Phase 2 added classroom space for an additional 60 children bringing the total of children served to 120, and adult day-care for 10 seniors. Phase 3 added adult education spaces, a bookstore, and sanctuary space.

Size: 8,900 sq ft

Cost: $1.4M