Project Description

Boundless Playground at High Point

The Boundless Playground helps serve year-round programs that include students ranging in age from infant to age 25. There are two key populations at Honey Creek Community School, a public academy for grades K-8 and High Point School for children with developmental disabilities.

This barrier-free play environment provides an effective model to illustrate the possibilities that exist when children of all abilities can initiate play together. With student teachers, therapists, and health professionals all training at the site, it will widen the experiences and expectation of tomorrow’s professionals while enriching the lives of the students.

Children also had an integral part in helping the committee build this barrier-free play environment. The students designed t-shirts, assisted in community presentations, hosted flower sales, can and bottle return drives, and also sold refreshments at community events to raise funds for their playground.

A3C served as the pro bono project coordinator, leading the steering committee, assisting with fundraising, and organizing the volunteer build days.

Size: 2,500 sq ft

Cost: $500,000

Year: 2005