Project Description

Sun Baths

People of all backgrounds are drawn to water, be it a leisurely soak in warm water on a frigid winter day, or a dip in a cool stream on a hot summer afternoon. In thousands of years of human culture, baths have acted as a site of community integration. Our goal with Sun Baths is to provide the residents of downtown Ann Arbor with a new, sustainable environment in which to heal and connect with each other through a Net Zero Energy community bath house.

The project harmoniously incorporates a 100,000 kWh solar array, reclaimed wood and stone materials, a rain garden, colorful window louvre elements, rainwater detention, and a 50,000 gallon reservoir for energy storage. The interior was designed to include a mixture of common bath and sauna areas, smaller private bath spaces, and areas for other relaxation practices such as meditation. The Main Waters area can accommodate 80 bathers.

It is our intent that Sun Baths will set a new benchmark for environmental stewardship and sustainability and enhance the creative vitality of downtown Ann Arbor.

Size: 11,000 sq ft

Cost: $7.8M