Project Description

Eastern Michigan University – Hoyt Hall

A3C worked with EMU on upgrading their dormitories from 2011 to 2013. Hoyt Hall was one project completed in 2012. These projects were primarily a remodeling effort to provide a more contemporary design for students. The colors were freshened up, and the finishes were changed to create a more dynamic living environment.

Hoyt Hall was designed with a slightly edgy look using corrugated metal siding and bright color tones. New lighting was installed that is both more energy efficient and nicer to look at. The front counter was revised to create more of a hotel like front desk space, and LED and accent lights were used to create a more ‘hip’ space. The students and trustees have given the project high marks for creating a space students would like to live in.

Cost: $2.25M

Size: 95,000 sq. ft.

Year: 2012