Project Description

Altarum International Headquarters

A3C teamed with the Owner, Construction Manager, and Furniture Manufacturer to create a research based, cutting-edge collaborative work space for this dynamic, nonprofit catalyst organization. Although Altarum doubled in size during the project, A3C was able to successfully develop a new plan without affecting the original date scheduled for occupancy. Altarum’s vision was to foster collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas, enhance employee well-being, demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and participate in a model of Owner, Architect, Contractor, Vendor collaboration.

With maximum flexibility, Altarum’s standard workstations are complemented by conference, team enclave, and informal gathering spaces. The space is sensitive to daylighting, texture, vista, curiosity, play of variation, color, overlapping patterns, and the play of water to enhance employee productivity and well-being. The palette of rich, saturated colors as well as artwork and wayfinding is coordinated across building and furniture. Its simplicity promotes ease of facility management and upkeep.

Size: 65,000 sq ft

Cost: $3M

Year: 2002