Project Description

210 East Huron Offices

As an affirmation of A3C’s commitment to sustainable design, we renovated our offices (now our former office space) to be an educational tool for our staff, clients, and our Ann Arbor community. We wanted to become more visible advocates for environmental solutions and demonstrate what good, environmental design can be and how it can benefit the tripple bottom line: people, profit and planet. Numerous sustainable products and systems were incorporated from different sources to showcase the variety of options available. These sustainable design elements included a demonstration green roof and cool roof, rainwater collection, geothermal system, solar chimneys, energy efficient lighting, and sustainable finishes. The project has the distinction of being the first to win the Ann Arbor Energy Challenge Award and was certified LEED-CI Gold.

Size: 6,000 sq ft

Cost: $600,000

Year: 2008

Certification: LEED-CI Gold