Project Description

Detroit Medical Center – Children’s Hospital Emergency Department

A3C, with design/build partner, DeMaria Building Company, renovated approximately 7,200 square feet within the existing Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The goals for the project were to expand the overcrowded space, make cosmetic upgrades, and create a welcoming environment for young patients and their families.

The design added 17 new exam rooms within three separate treatment pods, each supported by a staff station, consultation room, documentation station, and miscellaneous support spaces. The pods improve patient flow and wayfinding, while allowing staffing flexibility during caseload fluctuations. The entire project was designed, approved by regulatory agencies, and constructed in two phases within seven months.

An existing undersea theme was continued by giving each treatment pod a unique, playful icon (i.e. whales, starfish, seahorses) using interior finishes as the canvas. The theme adds visual interest and enhances wayfinding. The existing waiting room was also redesigned to incorporate the undersea theme, including maintaining an existing fish tank and the addition of a ‘bubble wall’ feature, much adored by the children.

Cost: $2M

Size: 7,200 sq ft

Year: 2004