Project Description

JS Vig Project Green – Ann Arbor Office

The JS Vig Project Green mission is to develop and implement simple, relevant, and practical sustainable building strategies for new construction and existing building projects. A3C was selected by JS Vig after a search of architects in Southeastern Michigan who exemplified these principles. A3C’s own 210 East Huron Offices were a great example of showcasing environmental best practices.

For this project, A3C included several ideas from our own offices as well as many new ideas including a wind turbine and solar photo voltaic powered exterior light pole, water harvesting, an interior green wall, solar shading/light shelf, and many more material awareness displays. JS Vig has been able to use this facility to educate clients about the advantages of designing and building high performance buildings and renovations.

Size: 2,000 sq. ft.

Cost: $100,000