Project Description

Huron High School – Natatorium and Fitness Center

Ann Arbor Public Schools wanted the fastest pool in the Midwest for their new Natatorium at Huron High School. They sought professionals with expertise in fast pools and experience working collaboratively with the community. A3C brought together a team of consultants, including Counsilman-Hunsaker that designed the 1996 Olympic Natatorium in Atlanta, Georgia. They were combined with local consultants to provide an excellent team. The pool is state-of-the-art for providing “fast” water and allowing comfortable viewing for over 500 spectators. Natural light filters into the Natatorium without creating a distraction to athlete’s performance. Unique features of the pool include its top-down entry for spectators which minimizes the obstruction of views and its air conditioned spectator spaces. The pool is housed in an addition to the Athletic Wing of Huron High School, and the Fitness Center was developed in the old pool and provides space for aerobics and weight lifting.

Size: 23,000 sq ft

Cost: $6.1M

Year: 1996