Project Description

North Star Reach

North Star Reach is a camp located on 105 acres in Pinckney, Michigan. As a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman, the camp serves children with chronic and life-threatening health challenges free of charge. North Star Reach was designed to be open year-round and include a health center, a dining hall, 12 cabins to house campers, a staff bunkhouse, an arts and crafts center, a multi-purpose building and pool, nature trails, an athletic court, a sports field, an accessible tree house with zip line, an archery range, an amphitheater, and waterfront docks. The camp is able to give 1,500 children who would otherwise be unable to attend regular summer camp a life-changing experience each year.

Size: 85,000 sq ft

Cost: $18M

Year: 2016